Sonic Unleashed

During a 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog was cool as the big brother who took us for trips to fast cars and we sneaked into R-rated film. Now he clumsy the buck-toothed cousin who struggles at the piano during family reunions, the memory of another case when striking a sour note..

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Anne Hathaway In Bride Wars And Rachel Getting Married

4 million he needs for investors. Days after the break-up, Folliero, 30, was arrested and charged with fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. Jonathan Demme (the director) has changed the title. Due out next month. Hathaway own wedding dreams soured in June last year when he split her boyfriend of four years, Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri. I did not t have any say in it. And this a coincidence? I know, a marriage again! The 26-year-old sighs. He gave all pleaded guilty and serve a four-year stint in prison, while working as repay the $ 5. ANYONE would think Anne Hathaway is willing to get engaged, judging from his current film, chick flick Bride Wars and the heaviest Rachel Getting Married. In fact, Rachel Getting Married was originally called Dancing With Shiva.

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Ryan Phillippe Quot Franklyn Loves Masks Hates Religion

A new trailer for the parallel world saga Franklyn is out, giving us an insight into the uber-religious future in which everyone is forced to profess a kind of spirituality, even if only to worship donkeys.

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Project Runway Quot Legal Win

Designer Cynthia Rodriguez and buyer-Merchandiser Elizabeth Marie Anne Zwiebach had brought the suit in 2005, Klum and accusing the company of stealing their idea of a reality show called fashion runway American.. And others co-defendants in a suit concerning the right of author Project Runway, WWD reports. A designer and buyer-Merchandiser was ordered to pay $ 50,000 in legal fees for Heidi Klum, Miramax Film Corp.

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Jennifer Garner Quot Doing Great Quot After Birth Of Second Daughter

And Garber, who starred alongside Garner in TV hit Alias, has already been in touch to offer his congratulations.. The couple welcomed the little girl - a sister for a period of three years Violet - in Los Angeles on Tuesday (06Jan08). Jennifer Garner is doing great following the birth of his second child with husband Ben Affleck star of Hollywood, according to his close friend and former co-star Victor Garber.

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